At Real Impact we provide our clients with the highest level of customer service in IT systems and infrastructure management. We provide live, local and exceptional customer support, including onsite support to our business and non-profit clients in the Puget Sound area.

Beyond making a profit, our company actively seeks opportunities to give back to the community through our individual volunteer efforts as well as serving the nonprofit community with IT management needs. We strive to build lasting relationships through our diverse team members and conscientious owners.


The focus of Real Impact has been consistent for the past 12 years: Providing the best customer service to its clients, coupled with expert knowledge and problem solving skills across all platforms.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Nyasha Tunduwani and formerly known as RLI Technology Group, the company fosters a spirit of giving back to the community through its team members’ private volunteer efforts as well as serving, in part, a non-profit client base. Real Impact has enjoyed a very low client and employee turnover rate due to its commitment to customer service and always providing live, local and exceptional support. This is how Mr. Tunduwani and his team were able to survive the recession – by not compromising on the company’s values.

We serve both larger and smaller firms, ranging as small as 4 person organizations to well over 100 people. Our core services include Helpdesk Services with live local support, onsite services, virtual CIO services, System administration, cyber security services, disaster recovery, IT Relocation services and cloud services. We offer our clients a choice of a flat monthly fee service with unlimited helpdesk calls or, in some cases, project-based services on an as-needed basis. We happily work with in-house IT departments in assisting with projects so they can stay on task and keep their systems running.

Our geographic reach currently includes King and Pierce counties as well as southern Snohomish County.